Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop 2016

Hi, welcome to week 2 of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop!  I'm Jaime and happy to be a part of this event with so many other talented quilt bloggers.

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a small town.  Ha! No, really. I grew up and now I'm a mom, taxi driver, chef, and counselor to my teenage son, Carter. Being a single mom, he keeps me pretty busy and sometimes gets in the way of my quilting. Lol!

I also teach in that same small town.  Everyone knows everyone (and your business) and I teach children of friends that I grew up with. I'm currently changing grade levels, from teaching first grade to fourth grade next year.  From "don't pick your nose" to "maybe you should start wearing deodorant." I'm looking forward to the new change, it keeps me fresh.

My mom taught me to sew at a very young age.  She likes that I give her the credit. I used to sew some of my own outfits when I was in high school.  A few years ago, I ventured out into the quilting world.  I thought I would like to try it out, it seemed like a challenge.  I made my first quilt following the instructions on a tutorial and lots of YouTube videos.

I would love to say "I was hooked," but it was probably another year before I decided to try it again. But I did...and again and again and again. I was reading all these blogs about quilting so I decided to blog about it.  I love that it gives me a way to share what I'm doing.

If you blog, or are thinking about blogging, my suggestion to you is to keep a schedule.  This is my own suggestion to myself and thought I would share. Lol!  Keeping up with regular posts can seem daunting.  But if you set yourself a day or two each week to post, maybe it won't seem so scary and mind-boggling of what to write about.  We will see how that works out for me.

Back to quilt of my favorite quilts is Carter's Texas A&M Aggie quilt.  My two brothers and I graduated from there. Whoop! We are an Aggie family and Carter knows no different.  He wanted A&M bedding so I made him a quilt for Christmas.
It gets the most use out of all the quilts I've made.  Even my dog, Penny loves it.
My quilt patterns that I have sewn are pretty basic.  My skills are getting better (at least I think) and I have made some quilts that I have to say I'm proud of.  One is a throw quilt.  This one was quilted on a long-arm machine and that was fun learning how to do that.  I don't own a long-arm (only in my quilting dreams), but I rent time at my local quilt shop.  I had to have someone nearly hold my hand through the process but one I definitely want to repeat.

Another one of my favorites is a baby quilt.  This is a favorite because I love triangle quilts and the colors of this quilt are just fun, trendy and beautiful.
My mom and I still sew together.  We make some quilts tops together and she calls herself the "worker bee" because she thinks she just takes directions from me.  But we also sew baby bedding together. 
I've lived in this small town of mine my whole life.  My family is here.  My roots are here.  My heart is here.  It's home.  Small Town Stitchin' just seemed right when we started sewing and I started blogging.  I hope it just keeps growing.  I hope to one day design my own fabric.  I'm working on learning that process but it is a slow and very steep learning curve for me.  For now, my immediate goal is to increase the difficulty of my piecing and keep blogging about it. 

My Question for You:

My favorite part of the quilting process is piecing the top.
My least favorite part is the cutting.  
What about you?  What are your favorites and least favorite parts of the process?

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Check back soon for a finished quilt that is all boy!