Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Valentine's Day Applique

I'm on Christmas break!  Today's goal was to not get out of my pjs all day. I wanted to take a shower tonight and take off one set of pjs to put on another.  Well that didn't happen I am sad to say but I still didn't really get dressed.  No makeup and sweats are days that I long for so I can sit at my machine and stitch until my muscles say "STOP!"  

I had another goal also. (I can't really be that lazy!)  I wanted to give it a go with applique.  I have some upcoming projects that I think would look great with some applique pieces so I wanted to practice.  I was a little bit concerned about trying this but I was excited at the same time.  I like to keep challenging myself to learn the next step.  I had already perused the internet to see what kinds of supplies I would need.  I bought some Heat n Bond Lite, stabilizer (the tear away kind) and some new embroidery needles.  I used coupons for these items at JoAnn and saved a few dollars.  I already had some fabrics and scraps I was wanting to use for this project.  I bought the Valentine's fabric last year for a project that I never started.  I know that I'm the only one who does this. ;)
Next I needed the letters for my applique.  I searched Google images but didn't find any that I really liked.  So I went to Powerpoint and typed my letters, saved them as an image, reinserted the image and then flipped it to a mirror image.  To trace an object, it will need to be reversed to iron onto your fabric.  I traced the letters straight off my computer screen onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond.
I cut the letters out but just trimming first.  I left an edge around the letters for now. There isn't any reason to cut out the centers of the letters, thank goodness.  I get enough of cutting things out at school.
I took the Heat n Bond pieces and ironed them onto the back sides of the fabrics I chose for my letters.
I arranged the letters on the piece of fabric that I want to use for the pillow.  Then I peeled of the backing and ironed the pieces. I expected it to be sticky like tape and was trying to be careful...wasn't necessary.  I wouldn't even use the word "sticky" when you peel off the paper.  But it will stick to your fabric well when you iron it on.
Let the sewing begin!  I tried to find a mark on my satin foot to use as a guide to help me keep my stitches even on applique and the base fabric. I used the top right corner to line up with the edge of the fabric.  It's close to the needle and I could tell when I needed to pivot my foot around curves.  I tried to take a picture of the needle and foot the best I could.  For this project, I set my my stitch width to 4.5 which I thought later was a little too wide.  My stitch length was set to 0.2.
I was pretty excited with my first satin stitch applique.  I was so impressed (and a bit shocked) with my new skills, I even sent pictures of it to people.  My people are very understanding. ;)
To finish up the pillow, I cut some red and black fabric squares, 2.5 inches.  I chain pieced them and then need 10 squares on each side to create the borders.  My base fabric measured 20" in length.  I think the pillow top turned out pretty darn cute.  I needed lace to trim it out so I couldn't finish it up. Man! I wish I had everything handy when I need it...left me with another UFO!

Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Time to Blog

Woohoo!  So excited to be joining the blog world to share what we are creating.  My mom and I are sewing our way through fun fabric and patterns and ideas that we want to share.  Look for us to start sharing very soon!